The Renegade Saw is economical, straight forward, and made in the USA. Designed by fabricators and saw installers, this saw utilizes standard “Off the shelf” parts that can be readily purchased for quick repair if it should ever wear out. Fabricators know that when your saw goes down, your whole shop goes down.

With today’s blade technology, the need for 15hp motors is no longer requires. But if you just gotta have a 15hp motor, then the Renegade comes with a 15hp, direct drive VEM saw motor option.

This is a full slab saw with an 11.4 x 11.4 cutting envelope. The table is a rotating hydraulic tilting table made for ease a slab loading and maneuvering. It is aloes designed so that pouring a concrete surface on the table is easily formed.

No phase3? No problem. The Renegade comes with optional single phase saw motor with the same cutting speed and power as a 3 phase saw motor. No need to buy a phase converter.


  • Hand operated gantry movement
  • Rotating tilt table
  • Saddle contains 8 independently adjustable rollers for accuracy in cutting
  • Heavy duty rotating table with stops at 0/45/90/135*
  • Automatic water on and off
  • High intensity laser alignment for precision dutting


Available Options: tilting table, digital readout, powered traverse and 220 volt/single phase motor.


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